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Today in school all students and teachers were greeted with a nice surprise,  inspirational messages on every locker and door.   October is Bully Awareness Month, and our students took that message to heart!  A few students took the time to hand write positive messages on post it notes and hang them on lockers and teachers’ doors around the school.

This morning when students went to their lockers, they were left wondering who did this wonderful deed.  Many students commented on how this little act left them with a warm feeling in their heart.

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“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”  Jackie Robinson

Some of our wonderful students made a huge impact today.  What can you do?
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  1. Dear Mrs. Emerick,
    I think that is a wonderful idea! I loved that a lot of students did it. I also love the quote, ” A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives.” It has a very strand meaning. I can help try to stop bulling in not just my school, but other schools as well. I’m so thankful that bulling is not a big part of my school, but I hear that it is in other schools. If there is a bully, you should stand up to them. Even just a little smile can make someone’s day. Have you had bulling in your school? If so, how did you prevent it?

    ~ Julia

  2. Dear Mrs. Emerick,
    It is amazing what your students, and other students, are doing in your school! I think that would be a great thing to do in my school. What I can do to make an impact is small, but large. I can stop bullying in my school, and other schools. It’s hard to believe that this happened in pre-k, but it did. My friend was being bullied. I stood up for her and it didn’t happen again. Even then I realized I made a change. Have you, or any of your student stood up for bullying?

  3. Dear Mrs. Emerick,
    I think it is a great idea to put positive messages all over the school.
    What I can do to make an impact is by being a friend to someone. Maybe I can ask someone I don’t usually play with to sit with me at lunch today.
    I think it is important to stop bullying. People can get really hurt and break down inside. What ways can you help stop bullying?

  4. Hi Mrs.Emerick,

    This was an extremely inspiring post! I think that those students should be very happy with themselves. To answer your question I can help someone with carrying their binders from class to class. I would be interested to see what you can do today to make a difference.

  5. Hey six grade! My name is Hannah and i’m in Mrs. Donofrio’s English class! When I read your post about the little notes on everyone lockers I thought it was one of the best ideas EVER!! I didn’t even know that October was bully awareness month. To answer your question I think I can make an impact on people by complementing them and maybe picking up their books of they drop them. Little things like that. I also really like the quote you put at the bottom. Is there anything else you are planning to do for bully awareness month? You can visit my blog at hannahpsblog.edublogs.org. Hope to blog you later!!

    Love, Hannah

  6. Hello, Mrs. Emerick

    I really love the idea of putting notes in the student’s locker for bully awareness month. It sounds like a very good Idea to stop bulling, and to make people have a difference in it to speak up and make a difference. luckily our school is a very small school and we don’t have bullies so we do not have to wore about bulling.

    • I am so glad your school does not have a bullying problem. What a safe place for you and classmates to learn.

      Mrs. Emerick

  7. Hello! I think that it is really cool what some of the people in your school did. It was such a cool idea to put little messages on people’s lockers. I am helping my wonderful Language Arts teacher out this Friday to help the poor. What we are doing having a Halloween bingo for grades 1-5. Everyone has to pay five dollars to play. All this money will go to the poor so they can have better lives. What the poor can do is buy 20 chicks and then the chicks will provide meat and eggs. Or they can buy a cow for milk and other products. I am excited. How could maybe your school raise money for the poor?

  8. Hi Mrs.Emerick,
    This was an extremely inspiring post! I think that those students should be very happy with themselves. To answer your question I can help someone with carrying their binders from class to class. I would be interested in any suggestions, so you have any recommendations?

  9. I think that it is great that your students get involved in Bully Awareness Month. I think It is really nice how they all do little things, like stick post it notes with kind messages on their classmates’ lockers. It seems like you are all a family there! Bullying is a growing problem in the world today, and your students just did one more thing to lower it!
    It seems not that big of a deal, but it really makes people’s day and leaves them feeling better about themselves. What are some other days that you participate in that might be similar to this one?
    (P.S. Come check out my blog @ rainacysblog.edublogs.org!)

    • Hi Raina,
      Thank you for your message! Any little act of kindness we can perform makes a difference! We will visit your blog. I hope to connect with your class this year- my students would love it.

      Mrs. Emerick

  10. Hi James here from Hey Kids. I like how some of your students hand write nice positive messages and put them on teachers doors. Also did all the kids have to make a positive message? Did the kids make up the messages or did they get them from some were?

    • Hi James,

      I think the students who created the messages got the quotes from different sources and created some of the messages on their own. I know it took a lot of time to write over 800 messages to our entire student body!

      Mrs. Emerick

  11. HI Mrs.Emerick
    Ithink that it is cool that some one wrote all of those notes. Something similar happened where i sail but they left the notes in our boats,But all of the notes said the same thing it wasyou are all great and you all deserve to be number one. It was also typed not written.Any way back to your post i have one question that i am not sure if you can answer did you figure ot who it was?
    One last thing about how many notes were there.

  12. What can I do to make a impact a people. I can tell one person every day something extraordinary about themselves. So that way they would feel better about themselves. What can you do?

  13. That was an amazing act that your students did! All the notes were so positive that just reading them made me happy. I especially like the saying “Making a difference in another person’s world, makes a difference in the world,” and it is true, like whenever I do something nice for someone it makes me feel happy because I did something to make another person feel good about themselves. Every person on Earth I think should do at least one kind act a day. Something I could do to make an impact is helping the elderly which we do because we have an assistant living home right across from our school. We sing to them, make scarves and hats for them, and talk to them. What have you done to make an impact? Who thinks that everyone should do at least one kind act a day?

  14. Hello Mrs. Emerick!
    Wow, that is a wonderful and kind idea! This post reminds me of a story that I heard about a school that had a lot of bullies in it. One day, one of the students was being picked on for having a sticky note stuck to his back. One of the other students saw that he or she was being picked on, and the next day he or she had gathered some friends, and they all had sticky notes on their backs with inspirational quotes on them. Pretty soon, the whole school was putting sticky notes on their backs! This made a huge change in that school, and all because one student decided to stand up to what was wrong. I think that was amazing. Did anything or anyone inspire you to put these sticky notes up?
    I had no idea it was Bully Awareness Month! I agree that bullying is a huge problem in the community, schools, and online too. I myself know what it is like to be bullied, and I think we should try to make a change. I am happy that your school put up those sticky notes, if someone was having a bad day, that’s a sure fire way to get them out of the dumps. My favorite sticky note is “You are an amazing version of you,” because it reminds me that it is ok to be you and to let your personality shine. Which one was your favorite? Happy blogging!
    P.S: Visit my blog at: kbs@edublogs.org

  15. Hi Mrs. Emerick,
    Christine from Hey Kids!!!
    Wow 800 note were written!!! That is a lot of kindness.

    I remember one year at our school we did a Prayer Chain. Every time we said a prayer we would write it down on some construction paper and loop it around other prayers. When we wanted to see how long it was, it was almost as long enough to go around our school. It was really amazing because we said a lot of prayers and some of them were even answered.
    In February at our school, each class had to raise over $100 to give to The Shelter Box Foundation, which helps give supply to areas that have been hit by natural disasters. Our class over $400 dollars selling Valintines. I was totally amazed at what we could do in 5 days.
    I love what your doing for Bully Awarness Month. It gives kindness and light to people who have been bullied.
    I really like your blog!!!! Bye, Christine
    ( please visit my blog: chrissypsblog.edublogs.org)

    • I love how your class has gotten involved in the community. My class and I will visit your blog! Thank you for sharing- Mrs. Emerick

  16. Hey Mrs Emmerick,
    Wow! That is so cool that you and your students are involved with bullying awareness month. My favorite note is the one that says “Let today be the day you make someone happy.” This is probably my favorite because I think when you’re around people that are happy or you make people happy you are more happy with yourself and others. One of my favorite qoutes that makes me happy is “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” I think this is an important qoute because you should always try your best to be happy and grow as a person. Do you have a qoute that makes you happy? If so, what is is and why?

    • Thank you for responding to our post- My favorite quote is the one I posted by Jackie Robinson. That quote inspires me. I love your quote and I am going to post it for all the students to read. Thank you for sharing!

      Mrs. Emerick

  17. Hello everyone! I love the idea of putting a nice thing for someone on a locker or door. It was so nice guys to do that! Reading the post made me think that I need to do something for someone more often.
    There are billions of things I could do to make someone’s day better, or put a smile on his/her face. I could also do something for someone I don’t even know. Such as give to the poor, or visit the sick. At our school we have a found for people with clef pallet. Last year we had a middle school dance and raised money for south Sudan. My favorite project we do is collecting tabs. If we ever drink soda or any thing with a tab on it we keep it and turn it in to the school. It’s for the shriners. At the end of the year we give them to the shriners and the tabs help them get wheelchairs for people.
    There are lots of kind acts I can do, but today I am going to make someone smile in honor of bully awareness month and your post. I will pass on the favor to someone else to keep the deeds going.
    In your class or school do you do any charity works? If so how do you do it?

    • Hi,
      I am so glad that the post has inspired you. We have a club called Helping Others in which the students do volunteer work. We also have dances to raise money for different causes. It is wonderful getting all the students involved.
      Mrs. Emerick

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